Electrical Safety on Metallic Services

Many of our civil teams face serious hazards on a daily basis. Under normal conditions, electricity that enters an electrical installation to power electrical equipment will return to the local substation transformer via the neutral conductor.

Under certain fault conditions, metal water pipes may provide the return electrical path instead of the neutral conductor. Technicians working on metallic water pipes under these conditions are at risk of serious, even fatal, electric shock. WB Infrastructure employ numerous safety measures to control risk when working in these environments. In the below video, the technicians had installed a temporary water service to a neighbouring property. During the installation, technicians had implemented safety measures including a plumbgaurd, bridging conductors and electrical gloves. Once the installation was complete, the technicians could hear arcing occuring at the meter assembly. The nature of electrical risk on metallic pipes is extremely dangerous and can be hard to identify as it is often an intermittent issue - as in this case, the fault was there one minute and gone the next.